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Monday, December 3, 2012

Parkview Christmas Market

Christmas Markets have been in full swing in Joburg - getting their business done before everyone disappears to the coast for the holidays. I went to this one in Parkview on Saturday - it has been so hot and sunny but the weather turned cold, wet and grey, unfortunately for everyone who worked hard to put this together, and the charities that benefit. Still, quite a few turned up and it went on over three days, so I hope they made a good profit.
Lots to draw, with musicians, jugglers, dancers, pretty stalls, children and angels - and Father Christmas scandalously dressed in blue for his sponsor. I think I wasn't the only one put off, some of the children looked at him very doubtfully!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Angels for the Season

As I thought, I haven't done much since last time and am unlikely to do much before Christmas (still got most of my shopping to do!) so I'll just post the mosaic
angels I sketched at Zoo Lake last week - bringing my best wishes for a very Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it, and for a wonderful holiday season with friends and family to everyone.
The angels, in the grounds of moyo restaurant at Zoo Lake are bigger than life-size (if angels have a life-size? Bigger than people size anyway!) and sort of hidden in the foliage so you only realise they're there quite slowly unless you know - quite a lovely if eerie sensation of being watched. It takes even longer to spot the cement frogs sitting smiling at you in the foreground, I think if I hadn't been drawing I would have missed them!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I haven't slipped off the edge of the world - just emerging from a too time intensive fund-raising project in between a stack of deadlines for something exciting that I don't think I'm supposed to mention yet. Drawing, paints, brushes, paper, canvas, seem like a dim, distant happy memory as do gentle days of blogging, visiting and commenting.

I thought I'd do a Christmas stall at my church's Arts & Crafts Day, after finding that paintings weren't really a viable seller with that particular marketplace, but boy, I wasn't prepared for the commitment of time, money and energy that filling a little table with angels and mangers, gingerbread men and Christmas stockings, candles and biscuits would entail. About half way through I was telling myself firmly - never again! I have to figure out a better way of raising funds creatively, or else just hand over the cheque that would go into raw materials and save on the weeks of slog - it would have meant more money for them!

Here are some of the angels and nativity scenes made from jacaranda pods - they all sold out and though the heads with hair and headresses were fiddly, quite fun to make, and could be worthwhile in an organised production line. They emerge with their own little characters and caused such delight that I got over my mutters about how long they took and happily sent them off to their new homes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pod angels II

I fixed the camera and got some slightly better shots - you really need to see them in 3D!

Pod Angels

One last project with the jacarandas before I really move on to something else! I've had a bag full of pods sitting in my studio for a couple of years, and an idea of making Christmas angels from them for a lot more years, so I thought this would be a good time to put thought into action, and have these little jac-angels to go with the series of paintings at the A&C Fair.

The flowers are about all that's left of the fantastic spring display, a few scattered around the lawn and streets.
The pods are in wonderfully convoluted shapes that just make me think of wings and celestial garments - these I've sketched here are not as shapely as some, so weren't chosen to be angels (like not being picked for the Nativity play - aww!). There were only enough good pods to make 9 angels - many more than that I'll have to get a production team - they are pretty fiddly! I had such trouble trying to photograph them with my new camera - I've now got it stuck on a setting that turns them all greenish grey, though the images are sharp, unlike these that are a bit out of focus. I'll have to go find the book and read it - darn!