Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seasons come and seasons go

Two pages from my sketch journal… 5 months ago when the colours in the garden were turning from heavy, thick green to all the autumnal shades. My nephew Tristan and his wife Anna had just had a baby boy in London. That seems only weeks ago, but the garden is already bursting out of its winter browns, baby Henry has moved to Australia with his mum, dad and big brother, and I have done very little painting and sketching in the meantime.
I am in awe of expert blogger Katherine Tyrell, who writes her informative and inspiring ‘Making a Mark’ blog so regularly, as well as keeping her many Squidoo lenses going AND doing what look like pretty intricate and time consuming coloured pencil paintings. It takes me hours just to read a couple of my favourite art blogs, keep up with some of the links she posts, post my irregular little contributions here and occasionally dash off a new sketch in my journal. This ‘Spring’ one was done in hasty and economical line one day – the 6th of September – and coloured some days later, peering at the scene from the window as I didn’t seem to have the time to go outside with my paints and do it properly – and only posted today, a week later (the pink blossoms have already fallen off). We’re all busy, but some people seem to just fit way more into their day than others.
I think for now, ‘A Sketch in Time’ has to be more about pictures than words – it takes me so long to compose a little bit of writing, I am definitely out of practice - but making more art is my main aim, so for the meantime that is where I’ll try and focus.

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