Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Walk the Talk

Yay! I have been doing some drawing - though I'm afraid they were from photos that I took, as in the first one, the walkers were just trotting past too quickly, in the Radio 702 Walk the Talk fundraiser in Johannesburg last month, and in the second, I felt too self conscious to whip out my sketchbook - a common malaise of mine.

On Sunday my church celebrated it's Centenary, and before the festivities began, I spotted Daphne (about 91) and Vi (in her eighties somewhere) sitting in the garden chatting - looking towards the little 'Garden of Remembrance' where the ashes of many of their friends and family are laid. It made me think how very short a time a hundred years is (I am already over the halfway mark) but how much can happen and change. From horse carriages to spacecraft, from uncontrollable disease and pestillence to organ transplants and beyond...

As far as my sketches go, I like the looser ones of the walkers - helped by putting the pictures on slideshow to draw from. The 'old friends' is stiffer, too controlled, what usually happens when drawing from a photograph.

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