Thursday, January 10, 2008

Patchwork painting

It's not been the greatest start to the year as far as my goals are going - posting three times a week - but a goal is something you work towards, not so? Neither have i been painting... got a bit caught up in my son's back-to-school paraphenalia - in fact we missed the first day back at school, thinking it was only next week, but all is once again on track (whew).
I look around my studio and see, again, wads of failed watercolours lining drawers and walls - the painting above is a collage I did of such attempts - the sleeping (pregnant) figure was one of two the same I painted years ago, and left in a very unfinished state, and then later built up with torn strips and pieces of old paintings, plus tissue paper, touches of gold pen, etc. This one was sold and the other one a friend has got - I never photographed it for my records, which I must rectify. I must say I do enjoy doing this rearranging and recomposing of colours and elements, turning things that gave me great frustration originally into something new - a bit of a cop-out, I know, from improving my watercolour technique and skills, but so liberating too. They are big pictures - especially for watercolour - about 80cmx50cm, or almost A1 if I remember, perhaps if I didn't do such big ones, I wouldn't have so many failures... but then I couldn't do fun collages either.


Gillian said...

This collage is beautiful - I thought it was Dominique at first. Not at all a cop-out. But work that "morphed" into something else - very successfully! I remember Hilary telling me '...there are no mistakes in art...'

Cathy Gatland said...

No, definitely not Dom - the baby being 'brewed' here must be at least 20 years old by now... I hang on to my 'mistakes'! - ja, you're right - can always make a creative plan (or pretend it was your intention all along)