Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MAgnolia pods

I drew the top magnolia seed pod last autumn, using Sarah Simblet's Drawing Book exercise of drawing first lines with diluted ink, then a bit darker, and final details with full strength ink. The magnolia tree is now full of new pods, so I did a quick watercolour of these two - I did the shadow/reflection much too dark and murky. Today the pods are bursting forth much more, and look so abundant - and I haven't got time to paint them!

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Gillian said...

How lovely that your magnolia pods drop around Easter time. (Makes sense - autumn in the S. Hemisphere.) Ours drop in the Fall and when I see the big red fleshy seeds lying in the ground or hanging by thin cotton threads from the pod, they remind me of drops of blood. An appropriate reminder for Easter and Christmas!! The Blood that was shed for us. Your pod drawing and painting inspire me to draw the ones here. I'm looking forward to the magnolia's coming out soooooooon! I would like to try the same Simblet's exercise.