Friday, April 4, 2008

Candle night

Another power-less evening last night, our national provider exercising it's 'load-shedding' programme to try and save energy until new power plants are built - in 8 years or so! I have to say, it is surprisingly pleasant to be forced to have no TV, no computer, lights or music. We are, though, grateful to have a gas hob to cook on, and are a bit anxious about the fast approaching winter and the prospect of heaterless nights. We do have blankets, beds, jackets and roofs over our heads though, unlike many, so won't complain too loudly.
So we cooked and chatted and did the crossword by candlelight - and delighted in small things like this mini skyscraper - a candle in the grater, reflected in the granite, and perfect images of the candle flame thrown onto the cupboard doors through my glasses. As we got into bed - early - the power came back and it felt like all hell broke loose. Alarms screamed, TVs crackled and spat, computer pinged and re-booted, fridge hummed - our soporific mood was rudely snuffed out. Back to civilisation.


Gillian said...

When I first saw this photo - I thought - now which building is that? I don't remember seeing it on the J'burg skyline? Amazing little photo! Yes, life by candlelight can be very soothing - what a pity the city didn't save the kilowatts and turn the power back on early in the morning... I guess that may play into the criminals' hands too much?

Anonymous said...

"Back to civilization?"..sounds to me you had civilazation when the power was out? We did experience some of your power outages when we visited in well as all the jokes going around!We thoroughly enjoyed both,(being tourists) but I can understand your frustration!