Monday, April 21, 2008

Roses are Red

I've been inspired to paint red roses again after reading Ronell's incredibly romantic story on African Tapestry last week - life has only just got back to it's usual rythym, so I've found a couple of hours. Red roses are hard to paint in watercolour, and keep them fresh and glowing. They look so paintable and inviting, then cause you all sorts of problems. The two above I did after a watercolour workshop, where we learned the glazing technique of layering wash over dry wash until you get the intensity you want (on the right), and very washy wet into wet on the left (on the background and wrapping paper). The layered one looks overworked, and the other rather underdone on the flowers - need to find a happy medium here! So I picked the last rather battered autumn red rose this morning - we've been plunged into cold, gusty-windy winter all of a sudden - and tried again, trying to stay loose, but I am out of practise... it happens so quickly!... so the first attempt was rather solid, top right, the second a bit better, though as I finished the sun came streaming in and backlit it so it looked quite exquisite and completely different. Glad to be painting again though, seems like an age since I did!


Anonymous said...

Love all your roses Cathy, and the looseness is especially evident in these last two you did on your own. Their loose and soft petals seem to have that last summer days feel to it... I agree, roses are intimidating to paint, they are so exquisite. I'm so glad you got inspired by the romance, hope we'll get to see MUCH more of your painting!

Gillian said...

Did you get the roses for your anniversary? Sorry not to have sent best wishes on 4/14. I did think of you & Bert-Boy. Beautiful roses - I agree the last two singulars are wonderfully light and refreshing. I fear my own attempts to paint red roses would end up looking like a "With Deep Sympathy " card. Loved Ronell's tulip + romance story.