Saturday, August 15, 2009

My walking map!

View Walk around the dam in a larger map

Blogger didn't want to let me write about this yesterday when I put this map up - but now I've managed to find the cursor! Some of the Sketchercisers, as well as Urban Sketchers have been making maps of their 'stamping grounds' and its been fascinating to see exactly where they sat to sketch a particular tree, or boat, or bit of forest. This is my regular walking route, though I have variations, round Emmarentia Dam - if you click on the balloons you can see the sketches I've made at various points. It's easier than I thought to make one, and Google maps has very clear directions in their Help section if you want to have a go (click on My Maps to start...)!

*Now it doesn't seem to want me to have this text in a bigger size font...>;-/


RH Carpenter said...

This was so much fun, seeing where you were with each sketch/painting and feeling like I've taken that walk with you, now! Very creative and cool, what we can share of each other's lives this way, thanks to Google :)

Cathy Gatland said...

Isn't it so cool!? I've so enjoyed 'virtually visiting' artists who've done this(and improving my geography at the same time!)

Ginny Stiles said...

This is SO cool.
My grandson is visiting and he and I explored the map and discussed how you are in reverse seasons from the United States. This he knew but it didn't really "compute" until he looked at your map. Discussing your spring season while we are just entering autumn.
It blew his mind. Hahahaha. And we LOVED the interactive map. You are SO techy!

Charlene Brown said...

Cathy, this is getting better all the time! I love the crocodile fountain, which I don't recall seeing before, and finding more familiar sketches in their actual locations is a real treat.

Cathy Gatland said...

Ginny I'm only techie if things are explained, very clearly, one step at a time! I'm so glad your grandson got something out of this too - I've always thought art was an essential (and fun) part of education :)

Thanks Charlene - I put on some old sketches I've done at the dam before Sketchercise came into being - which happily makes me much more regular at doing it.

Vivienne said...

Hi Cathy, What a clever girl putting your stamping ground up like that. It's brilliant. Love the birds too. Did you see the photo of the sea gull making off with the bale from the cricket stump?

Cathy Gatland said...

I did see that seagull :D and I did have a happy birthday thank you! - mostly the day before which was a public holiday and B & A at home, but we had a lovely meal (of course) on the night. The maps are great - I should put some links up - Charlene Brown lives close to Gibson's where Ingie is - puts a whole new light on her sketches for me!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

This is so cool. I love seeing the sketch and the map, and I love your sketches.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Love your blog was wondering if you could give advise on how you do your group drawings. how do you start ect. Teaching myself art and have no idea of where to start and since I love your work Id thought Id ask for help.
how do you start your drawings and what do I practice