Monday, January 23, 2012

Sketchcrawl #34

Our Sketchcrawl took place at the Old Observatory, where we were greeted by a spectacular new (to me)view of Johannesburg and the strange round-topped buildings that house the telescopes, or the few that are left. The main big telescopes have been moved to the new Observatory in Sutherland, and there is a slightly abandoned air about the structures scattered around this site, though there are plans to turn it into an interactive Science Park according to their website.  

I joined most of the other sketchers - great turnout this time - on a high round platform with a panoramic 360° view. (Do go and check out Barbara's sketches for a really comprehensive visual report of the day!) I did a quick warm-up sketch of the little library and some of the towers, but wished I'd brought my Japanese fold-out Moleskine - a perfect place to fill that, I'll have to go back when I've got plenty of sketching energy and time!

I then went inside the building on the left, and ambitiously thought I'd fit in the whole telescope with its sliding window above it (I'm sure there are technical terms for all these things, but I don't know them). I didn't, and got a little grumpy trying.  

 I went off to find something more in my comfort zone, and settled on one of the lovely old windows of the Herbert Baker-built library surrounded by its warm golden stone walls.
By which time I realised how hot and dehydrated I was - and hungry - so into the cool library for a sandwich and some water, and finally found a shady place to sit on the stoop for my last sketch of the day, pleasantly peaceful apart from the sound of a persistant chainsaw somewhere down in the valley.


Nina Johansson said...

Wow, Cathy! Beautiful sketches! How I wish I could go drawing with you in Joburg some day... :)

Unknown said...

Great sketches Cathy, even your grumpy one!

I second Nina's wish to come drawing with you in Joburg one day.

Marie Theron said...

So enjoyable to go with you on your walk (virtually, of course). I love your stone and your glass textures, Cathy!

John Philip said...

Good post! The little watercolour of the observatory with the red brick and green grass is DEFINITELY a my favourite! Just enough detail, and perfect colours.

Cathy said...

Yes, just like John I really like that one with bright colours!
... oh, and by the way i couldn't manage to post my sketches on the Sketchcrawl website... will try again. Is it possible to add pictures to your post, or should I make a new post?

Cathy Gatland said...

Nina and Sue - how I wish too - maybe one day it will come true!

Thank you Marie and John - funny, that was one I was really impatient with, perhaps I should cultivate impatience :)

Cathy, I think you should be able to add to the same post if you are logged in. If you can't, let me know and I'll do it.

Trade Your Talent said...

great sketches!