Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Walking the dog

A little group ambling along the pavement. Somebody wants to buy this one, plus one more, though she doesn't like the other 'street' paintings - not happy enough!? So I'll have to go and wander around with my camera and sketchbook to find some pleasant scenes. She is emigrating, and wants to take some reminders of home with her - I think she's homesick already...
This 'sketch' blog seems to be turning into a painting one, but I am glad that at least it does seem to be working as far as mobilising me to paint - that, or the other art bloggers I read who all work so HARD and produce so much work!


Adam Cope said...

no dog leg?

personally, i decided to put drawings & paintings in.... for me, what started off as a 'daily pot boiler.com' evolved into something else. why be tied down by definitions? IMO, would love to see some of your watercolours again.

these treet life scenes are fun!take care

Cathy Gatland said...

ha ha - I opted out of the doggie details :)
Yes, as long as I am DOING and not just thinking about it, I'm happy for the blog to evolve - should have called it something else though - Distracted Artist? I'm itching to get back to watercolours, watch this space...
I love your new landscapes, BTW, such space and freedom!

Adam Cope said...

well, that's about the long & short of it - doing it as well as thinking about it. bonne voyage!

re-title - very easy to change title in the basic settings section of blogger. this doesn't change the publishing address so folk can also find you from favourites.

what about 'south african sketches'?

all these names & codes & titles & passwords can give a real spinning head!

glad you like my recent stuff :)

Cathy Gatland said...

Thanks Adam - will think about it (it may evolve further!)