Sunday, January 13, 2008

Landscape in the larder

I opened the veggie drawer in our kitchen a couple of days ago to find this little sweet-potato-landscape forming itself in the dark recesses. The leaves looked rather Gollum-ish, all milky and wan from lack of sunlight - after just one day out they turned a greener shade of pale. Now that I've drawn and painted it, whoever is so inclined may plant it in the garden. I would love to have a lush and functioning vegetable patch, but they demand so much time and energy (we have tried a few times to get and keep one going) that I would rather direct towards paint and paper pursuits. Luckily stray tomatoes, rocket and pumpkins sow themselves and thrive all on their own, and the neighbour's avocado tree drops it's fabulous fruit over the wall, for us to get a taste of home-grown and totally organic produce now and then.


Miz K said...

Your watercolors are breathtaking!

Cathy Gatland said...

Thanks miz k! I feel a bit rusty at them right now, so great to get some encouragement