Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bamboo pen two

I whittled another bamboo pen last night, while supper was simmering - a more elegant slimmer version with a sharper point. Then I tried to make myself slow down and do some careful drawings of what was left of the garlic bulbs after I'd made 20 clove chicken casserole for guests on Friday. One of our visitors, staying with us from Edinburgh, requested garlic, so boy, did he get it. Though it wasn't as potent as one would think, as the cloves were whole, and blanched first, so I hope he didn't clear the plane he flew back on the following night.

I love using the bamboo - the sharp point, which made beautifully fine lines, didn't last long, so I see why mas o menos (see previous post) said that you're supposed to work on the nib as you go along. I think I prefer the gentler look of the brown ink. I am annoyed with myself for not planning the drawings better to begin with, so one didn't go off the page at the top, and the other off the bottom.


Nina Johansson said...

These are two awesome drawings! I love how the lines swirl and play on the paper. The brown ink is great too. Simply beautiful.

Laura Frankstone said...

I love this, just love your bamboo pen drawings! And now I'm going to do some more myself---isn't it fun and thrilling, this back and forth ricocheting of enthusiasm?

Vivienne said...

These are inspirational Cath. As was the chicken, I bet. I made garlic soup for a dinner party after we got back from France.Very mild quite nutty-sweet, yummy.

Cathy Gatland said...

It is indeed so thrilling, the ricocheting of enthusiasm and inspiration. I think before blogging, I might have thought about whittling a pen (always wanted to whittle!) and drawing with it, but seeing others do it... well, gets me from thinking into action somehow!
That soup in France was memorable and inspirational, wasn't it?!Yum