Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Robert Frost was lucky that he only had two roads diverging in his yellow wood - I woke up early yesterday and had this picture half-formed in my head of detours along my artsy journey - and thought that identifying and drawing them might keep me on the 'true road', whatever that may be. So off I went on that purple path about halfway up, and spent too long doodling and picking colours and words - it seemed like a good idea at 5 in the morning! Some of the paths are necessary, and others are just too good -and fun- to resist, within reason (don't get too far along that Internet Trail!) but Envy Alley and Smug Saunter - no-no-no. Do other arty types have the same distractions? Some people seem to have such a clear idea of where they're headed, and exactly what it is they want to do!
It just occurred to me that I need to define what that rising sun bit IS ... a goal! Aha!


Kari Gibson said...

LOL, this illustrates it all perfectly. Love the contemplation coil, so funny! Oh, no I do Envy Alley far too often - ha!

Gillian said...

This resonates all over - you read my mind! Russel would agree with you about you being a much better drawer than Picasso! I think this little Map of Diversion would go well on a card. But wait - that would take you down that orange labyrinth of marketing... EW!

Anonymous said...

I'm too afraid to look at my road on paper..I don't even think there would be a "sun rising " somewhere. this is a great idea thouh, love it as well as the way you've illustrated it!
now I HAVE to catch up on all I've missed from you, I always enjoy your posts...your art as well as thoughts.

Cathy Gatland said...

Kari - glad I'm not the only one - Got to beat that green-eyed monster!

GP - well once I was educated (no offence Russ!;o)) I realised there was a bit more to Picasso than putting ladies eyes in the wrong places. And sometimes you just have to go down those orange roads!

Hi Ronell - I wonder if the rising sun is a myth - some kind of artistic Shangri La or nirvana... Maybe the road is the thing, as difficult as it gets sometimes, and trying not to get too side-tracked! Your art is a shining sun to many!

Vivienne said...

This is so brilliant in itself, O recently angst-wridden artistic medusa.I know!! It can be the cover of The Book.
My map would be a whole lot boggier than that.You have so many more artistic roads available to you.
One quote though, from Jeremy K-W to me ... that focus on a particular theme is incredibly LIBERATING, because you are relieved of feeling the need and desire to cover ALL THAT TERRITORY.

Cathy Gatland said...

I think much of my green envy is directed at those that are focussed, rather than at the beauty of their art - I can always appreciate and enjoy that. I guess it is just a decision - but DO you lose the desire to try everything? I can't imagine spending the rest of my days painting, say, jacaranda pods or only in watercolour!

laura said...

Brilliant. I admire how you've taken thoughts/states of mind and made them visible; and it's very attractive in its own right too. I agree with Gillian--it'd make a great card; maybe a series of cards. I cannot even contemplate trying this!
PS The WetCanvas project is only 6 small paintings--I say "only" but I haven't started. And look at another site I stumbled on: reference photo posted Wed night.

Cathy Gatland said...

Thanks Laura - been sitting in Pumpkin Path for a couple of days... I saw the different strokes site, I like this weeks photo very much. Maybe that and the Duo project will get me moving again...

Cheryl Quist said...

This is SO inside my head! Are all artistic folks like this? Some seem, as you say, so focused and I envy them their sureness about the next step.
You should send this to Robert Genn... do you read his twice weekly letters? He covers many of these topics... "diversion" piece would make a great submission. Here's the link (submission instructions on the bottom of the page.

Cathy Gatland said...

Hi Cheryl - I do read Robert Genn - his words of wisdom are very much more succinct than my ramblings!... I'll read that link and maybe... Yes, some artists do seem to have it all so together one wonders if they ever have any moments of doubt or confusion.

Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful!
Yes, I think this is exactly common to all artistic/creative people.
I have been envious of the little boys or girls that you sometimes see, that say, big and bold, "I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up!", and then they proceed to do that.
I have never know what I want to be when I grow up!

What a fabulous illustration.