Monday, March 30, 2009

Awards, awards!!

A belated Thank You to Teresa of delightful 'Blueberries, Art & Life' for awarding me this award on the left, even when I wasn't feeling quite so blogging Fabulous!
And thank you very much to Art with Liz and Anne Marie Propst for the Passion for Painting Award - I'm honoured.
I'm to pass them on to five and seven bloggers, which always throws me into a tizz of indecision - there are so many I feel are fabulous, and have a great passion for painting, many of whom are probably swimming in awards already - my regular fixes of inspiration and motivation - Laura, Laura, Ronell, Suzanne (where are you?), Linda, Helen - to mention a few. So I've decided to nominate some bloggers who have come to my attention recently, and oh lazy me, ask them to pick an award - or both - I think passion and fabulousness go together well. And pass them on if you want to.
Pat Reese Design - a new blogger who does beautiful watercolours and drawings
Isabel Fiadeiro of Sketching in Mauritania - produces prolific, colourful, evocative, exquisite watercolour sketches of her travels and the people she encounters
Sharon Burl of Steelmice Art - a cousin of mine that I've never met, except in cyberspace, but who has re-discovered painting after years of not and started a blog, both of which I want to encourage - her paintings are full of life and passion - keep going Sharon! I know it's hard-to-impossible with little children at your heels!!
Orly Aveneri of One Artist Journal who records her days in creative and lively style - as one who's started umpteen journals that have fizzled out I admire one who keeps them going.
To keep it in the family, nepotist that I am, I would nominate my sisters Gillian of Ketchup Sketchup and Vivienne of Kitchen Table Sketches, but I don't want to apply any pressure, as they seem to have almost fallen off the bottom of my blog list, apart from a particularly Fabulous tea-cosy knitted by Vivienne and blogged by Gillian, but I do love to see new sketches and creations from them, even if neither are the blog-addict that I have become. No Pressure!
Um - that's six - the other one for all the other great passionate fabulous bloggers out there who deserve it too. Oh I think I'm supposed to list seven Things I Love too, but I need to take this blogger's bum for a walk.... I'll think about that as I go...