Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fairest Cape

We're just back from a visit to Cape Town, for a birthday and a short holiday. We thought we'd be going into the notorious Cape of Storms, with weather forecasts of raging gales and torrential rain as we left Joburg - but after a day or two of drizzle and greyness, we got "The Fairest Cape in all the World" (Sir Francis Drake) instead - sparkling sunshine, blue and white sea, awe-inspiring mountains, autumnal vineyards... at its best it has to be about the most beautiful place on earth!We did lots of socialising and driving (had to take full advantage of unlimited free miles in the hired car!) so my watercolours remained untouched and the sketching I did was in 15 to 20 minute sessions, usually around a meal. The sketch above was done from the 'Green Room' we rented in Camps Bay high above the sea, which was a good thing, as that was where all the storm action was. I added colour at home from photos - the day I sketched it was grey and misty. I've gazed in awe at these magnificent cliffside homes over the years and never dreamt I'd ever get to stay in one. As our hostess said, they found a piece of paradise when they bought here 20 or so years ago.
This was over breakfast on Sunday morning from a beachfront café - everything was lined up in rows...waves, cars (I managed to draw the back of a car resting on the front of an SUV - it wasn't really so!) , palm trees, umbrellas, restaurants... We went for a walk along the beach later and saw the aftermath of the storm - thick cappacino foam all over the sea and sand, kelp knotted around every protuberance and beach chairs that were chained together to a post broken, battered and buried. Who would be a sailor!?
An inexpertly pieced together montage of photos taken from the road at the back of our apartment - the mountain range called the Twelve Apostles


Art with Liz said...

Hey Cathy, love the pics of my home town! It is lovely when the weather plays ball, isn't it!

Teresa said...

Hi Cathy,

So nice to see more of your vibrant paintings... they always brighten up my day!

Vivienne said...

Oh you lucky things. What a super trip you have had. It is the most stunning place, and to stay above Camp's Bay must have been magic. Your sketches and photos capture the spirit perfectly. And that tide could have put the SUV there.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Wonderful post bringing back memories of my visit for me. Great - as usual - sketches and montaged photo of the mountains and I loved the description of the storm torn seashore and the 'cappacino' foam.

Laura Frankstone said...

My daughter spent an honors semester in Capetown and loved it. I so wish I'd been able to go and visit her.
Your sketches are lovely, of course.

Alison from Cape town said...

Hi Cathy,

Your watercolours are beautiful.
It's my favourite medium (not that I am an artist) because of its delicacy.

Thanks for this 'trip report' it's always good to hear about visits to the Mother City, especially when the weather has smiled on you :-) -- I'm always on the scout for great accommodation to recommend to people, though by the sound of it the Green Room would not suit a family...!

Gillian said...

I'd happily visit CT in a storm or not! The last time we were there was when Stefan was 3. Your post makes me want to sing our old school song!

Cathy said...

A trip to Cape Town? How lucky you are! I've always seen it under blue sparkling skies and I love this piece of paradise as you call it! I can picture so well all the places and things you describe!