Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Just to wish all my blogging friends, and family in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for this blogging platform where I've got to know and share so much with so many of you!
(this is the Graffiti app on Facebook - press Play to view the whole message)


Gillian said...

Yay! I'm the first person to comment on your clever graffiti!! And you're even more clever to figure out how to post it over here. Such a hi-tech savvy!
I long for the day that you can share a Thanksgiving meal with us. Lots of love XX G.

Carol King said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

And thanks for that really great video!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Being alone on this holiday this thangiving greeting was just the ticket for me.
Isend happy wishes for this day to you and your family.
Have a great day.

Claire M said...

Thanks for your wishes. I wish you a blessed day as well. I am thankful for the many new friends that I've met out here in blog land -- like you.

Cathy Gatland said...

Hey GH - you know, those Fb people make it very easy for us, click, copy, paste... hope you are enjoying your pumpkin pie, wish we were there! XXX

Thanks Carol - we don't really 'do' thanksgiving, but I wish we did - its a great tradition.

Hi Linda - I hope that even being on your own, you'll have much to be happy about. Thank you for all your support!

Thank you Claire - isn't it great to have these connections of common interests over such distances!

Vivienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy, Gillian, and all your friends 'out there'. I missed the day -yesterday, but hope it was a good one, with all the blessings you've so cleverly heaped up there, Cathy.

Pat said...

Thanks Cathi for the Thanksgiving graffiti. you are always so creative. I too am thankful for you.

Unknown said...


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dominique eichi said...

Great app I will have to look for it on FB.
Happy Thanksgiving

Teresa said...

Thank you! That was great!

I'm just now digging out from over a week's worth of Thanksgiving cleaning, cooking and company. Was fun... but... phew... I'm beat!