Thursday, March 15, 2012

Artists Under The Sun

After the noise and bustle of the Children's Day in my last post, a couple of us crossed the road to Zoo Lake to have a look at Artists Under the Sun. A hot steamy day, Barbara and I found a bench under a big shady tree and decided to carry on sketching the relaxed scene around us. After a while one of the artists in this little group came over to have a look, and was captivated by the idea of sketching from life, in public. When I suggested that she try it, she said she felt she didn't have the 'skill levels'! I wish I'd encouraged her further, but somehow my linguistic brain goes into neutral while I'm concentrating on drawing and I only think of these things later. The word travelled though, and a little trickle of artists came wandering over to visit us, all very complimentary and enthusiastic - I think other artists really appreciate the challenges of sketching from life. I did spot one woman later, looking up and down between the view and a book on her lap - so maybe we've started a trend at the outdoor art market...


Sadami said...

Nice sketch! Sounds you had a wonderful time.
And we're in the same season in Australia!

Nora MacPhail said...

Hello Cathy,
Your sketches are so delightful. They are fresh and full of life. Wonderful. I'm adding you to my blog list!!
Happy Sketching,

Unknown said...

Lovely sketch and I am sure you have encouraged them to try.

btw LOVE your work in Art of Urban Sketching!