Monday, September 14, 2015

Lunar Ladies

My daughter is the designer for Lunar clothing store in a shopping centre not too far from where I live. Behind the scenes of the elegant, uncluttered showroom is a hive of activity where these seamstresses cut, measure, pin and whirr away on their machines to bring the designs into being.
I popped in a few weeks ago with the problem of an urgent hem for a 60th birthday party (mine!!) to be taken up and no working sewing machine to do it myself - quickly and efficiently taken care of by the ladies - but not before I had the chance to tuck myself in between rolls of fabric and hanging garments and sketch them hard at work.

Apologies once again for being so scarce... turning this large sounding age was one thing I've been getting my head around, along with some wonderful surprises that came along with it (my sister who was supposed to be at home in Texas popping up at my birthday party!) - and other projects, pleasures and possibilities have been claiming my limited attention, time and concentration. Drawing (apart from a big illustration job that arrived in the middle of this flurry of activity) and painting have taken a back seat, but things are quietening down and I think I'm feeling that urge to put pen and brush to paper again!


Sadami said...

Cathy, a wonderful sketch and a lovely post! Happy birthday to you!!! I hope you'll enjoy drawing more than ever. Best wishes, Sadami

dinahmow said...

A little late, but happy birthday,Cathy. Nice that you had time out for yourself and still made time for your readers!

Cathy Gatland said...

Thanks Sadami, I hope so too!

Dinah, thank you - a month already since the birthday, everything has been a bit neglected since even before that!