Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holiday Snaps

From the picturesquely perfect little town of Franschhoek in the Western Cape, more sketches from our holiday. I was determined to do some in spite of lots of eating, drinking, socialising and driving around. I'm only about halfway through Marc Holmes' Craftsy course on Travel Sketching but I took some of his tips on doing simple line drawings in the minutes you do have, and embellishing them later with texture and/or colour when you have a few more. Way off his high standards, but I'm pretty pleased with having been able to capture some little vignettes of our trip!
This was from under a big cool pine tree next to an African market that my companions were shopping at - looking through a rose garden towards restaurants and shops on the Main Road to part of the beautiful mountain bowl that surrounds the town.

 A derelict heritage building dating back to Simon van der Stel and French Huguenot times that is due for restoration, on a small farm near the village. Such textures and colours on the whitewashed walls, corrugated tin roof and ancient vines - could sit and paint this for weeks!

Lunch at the Franschhoek Station now turned into a pub restaurant - the old railway station of which, incidentally, my husband's grandfather was the stationmaster in the 1920's. His mother and some of her siblings were born and went to school in Franschhoek, a very different place from the high-end tourist destination it is now. We visited here a few years ago before it had been converted. It was a bit run down but without all the canopies and pub furniture, was much easier to visualise him standing on the platform blowing his whistle... wish I'd sketched it then! Waiters Yolanda and Romarsha noticed me sketching and obligingly hovered within view so I could add them to the scene - I sent them the image but hope they see themselves here too...


Sadami said...

Sweet Cathy, good skethes! You'll inspire us this year as well as a last year. I hope you'll enjoy and learn a lot from the course. I'm certain that the waitress will love your wonderful gift. Best wishes, Sadami

dinahmow said...

What I enjoy is that you give us not only a vignette, but a little slice of the life in it.
Happy New Year

RH Carpenter said...

I like all of these - the strong black and white and the colored ones - that building is fascinating and so great to share a history with the place. Nothing stays the same, does it? I imagine returning had it's memories and maybe a bit of sadness for the loss but that place always remains in memory - can't change that! Lovely sketching and good for you to do it in the midst of a vacation trip!