Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What a Mess!

We are lucky to live in a leafy suburb with a wonderful green space in the middle of it - the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, fondly known as Emmarentia Dam - but boy, do we have a lot of events arranged around us - many with loudspeakers booming across the valley from 6 am onwards.
Last Sunday morning, thankfully not as early, was the Color Run, "the happiest 5K on the planet", starting and ending at a nearby school; so I took my Koh-i-Noor Magic rainbow pencil (unfortunately not the sharpener) over there and started sketching the shenanigans.
It was a hot, hot morning... why anyone would want to run through arches where kilos of coloured powders are chucked over you, sticking to your sweaty brows and limbs and no doubt getting in your eyes, nose and ears, I don't know. I was much happier perched on a small grandstand observing and drawing than down there getting colourfully doused - even so I caught a few splashes on my hat and jeans.
Is too much colour a bad thing? I preferred my simple line sketches before I filled some of the shapes in later - the colours all blended together to make nondescript dusty shades, which in fact is what most of the runners ended up looking like too - red and yellow and orange and purple and blue and green make - mud.
But the real messy sketching came when my pencil was down to the wood and I turned to my new Sailor pen, which is perfect on its own with its variable line possibilities... I got way too creative trying to get coloured powders from the event to stick to my sketch, using candle wax first and later fixative, neither of which worked, the powder fell off with the gentlest blow or shake.
But did I stop there? Oh no, I persevered with watercolour splashes, ink brushes, more spray and white crayon until it was a total shambles and those pages fit only to be glued closed together. Ah well, a lesson to keep it simple and remember my sharpener next time!


Sadami said...

Lovely fun drawings, Cathy! I like the last two ones. I love playing with colours, too. Let's make a mess. That's the spirit! Best wishes, Sadami

dinahmow said...

That's me whenever I attempt charcoal.Utter disaster! But I have a stack of waterproof ball-points always handy and if the wobbly contour needs "help" I can always splash some water colour.

MiataGrrl said...

What a beautiful mess! :-)

- Tina

Bev said...

Not a mess Cathy, the sketches really show all the fun of the day, you have captured it beautifully. Love them all.

RH Carpenter said...

Although you couldn't get everything as bright as you wanted, you stil captured the insanity of throwing colored pigments all over people (I always wondered about who wanted to do that and how - and where - they washed it all off later! ha ha). It looks amazing but. not for me. I like how you've captured it all and hope it comes out of your clothing (or just make that your painting clothes?)