Thursday, November 1, 2007

The weavers

More garden birds - the little weavers that return every spring to begin their exacting task of building a nest above our swimming pool. Like flying daffodils, the male frantically strips branches bare, collects strands of grass, bamboo, palm and yucca leaves, laboriously constructs the pendulous globes on the thinnest of twiggy branches, only to have them bossily rejected by his drab little mate. He then dismantles the whole affair and begins again - over and over and over until she finally gives the nod.
This year they have built them quite low down in the trees, which apparently means there won't be a very wet rainy season - no danger of floods. So far we've had weeks of wet overcast rainy weather. Hopefully they know something we don't, and the sun will be coming out soon!


Adam Cope said...

Hello Cathy

Nice to see you blogging ...& painting & drawing. hope the blogger makes it a regular practice for you.

i like this diary entry of birds & botanicals & text - almost william blake-ish.

all the best

adam cope

Making A Mark said...

What a great little story. I don't know these birds but your text makes them come to life. Nice to see a sketch too.

Cathy Gatland said...

Thank you Adam and Katherine for your comments - I feel really honoured! Katherine, you and Danny Gregory opened up a whole wonderland of cyber art to me, and your blog is a constant source of inspiration. Sorry to answer these so late - I'm not used to seeing comments except from my dear faithful sister across the Pacific.

Making A Mark said...

Teeheehee! Well I was inspired to start by others and now I just try to pass it on.

The blogging community is really wonderful so get out and chat on the blogs of those people whose art/work/blogs you like and you'll find lots of bods coming back to visit with you!