Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Haircut

I did some very quick line sketches when I took my son to the hairdresser on Thursday.. I am so out of practice at drawing in public, and get nervous and jittery in case people notice and come over to look, which one little stylist did do, and it was perfectly OK - she also draws, and was so interested and said it was "cool", so what is there to get twitchy about? It's a good place to draw people - lots of mirrors so you can observe fairly surreptitiously, people sit stillish, and the stylists wear such funky clothes, shoes and hairdo's. Next time I'll try not to be so chicken. I added the colour washes later at home - don't know if I'll ever take the full sketching kit to the mall!


Vivienne said...

I ALWAYS want to draw in the hairdressers!And don't. Once I tried to catch an image on my phone .. for later .. it made such a loud noise and made me feel like a criminal. Photo a dud! You are so good at it ... go for it.The sketch is really 'cool'. One artist I know says he wears a big, face hiding hat while drawing in public.How does Betty Cook do it?

Cathy Gatland said...

Ha ha ha - I think people are less suspicious of drawerers than camera-clickers. You'd stick out like a sore thumb wearing a big hat in the hairdressers though ;D I guess one just has to not care

Adam Cope said...

go for it cathy!!!!

& use that 'neverousness' of performing in public to your advantage. rise to the occassion. you can do it.

(& what's more, someone as charming & discreet as you isn't likely to cause many punch-ups, you can do it, just stay safe, stay visible & not isolated - the crowds are your friends).

Gillian said...

That's why Adam said he always likes to sit with his back up against a wall when drawing in public - a bit harder for "rubber-neckers" to come snooping. Well at least that's what I understood... After your comment on the usefulness of mirrors, I realized yesterday, when I saw my reflection in an angled mirror that I could do a self-portrait without looking directly AT myself! That's if REALLY wanted to...!!

Cathy Gatland said...

DO do a self-portrait - it is such an interesting exercise - and mirrors to avoid that 'blank stare' look is an excellent idea. Adam, it's not punch-ups I'm so worried about (I can handle those ;-/) it's the 'who does she think she is' thoughts I imagine going through onlooker's heads - paranoid I know. It's quite unusual to see public sketchers here, unlike overseas

Vhrsti said...

Great!!! Love your brilliant sketches here!