Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Salvage Yard

I used my water-soluble Berol Karisma Graphite Aquarelle pencil for this sketch, with a touch of watercolour. I've had it for years and neglected it, lovely for quick tonal values but I need to get looser with it.

After a long break a small group of sketchers met up at Protector Build salvage yard in Honeydew - which used to be out in the sticks when I first came to Johannesburg, but is now a continuation of housing and industrial estates all along the long road North. We were a bit dismayed at first at the ugliness of our subject, but I soon got absorbed in the shapes and shadows of the piles of tiles and wood  - deconstructed homes presumably to be recycled into other people's houses by the men who were loading stuff into trucks and bakkies. I was really enjoying myself by the time I was on the last sketch - such a typical Joburg scene of dry wintry sun, long grass turned to gold (before the inevitable winter veld fires strike) and dusty road - and we were told they were locking up. I'll be happy to go back sometime to tackle the other piles of debris I didn't get to!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! It's NOT always about leafy trees and pretty flowers, is it?
Finally,in my last week here, the weather will allow me to sketch outside -almost froze the other day when I met some USK folk up in Derbyshire. But it's all good fun.

Sadami said...

Hi, Cathy,
Very nice! I love your snap shots of our daily life and admire your drawing skills.
Cheers, Sadami

Sue Pownall said...

What a great place to sketch. I really like the bottom sketch

It's too hot here to sketch outside now :( so months of inside sketches from me to come.

Cathy Gatland said...

Hi Dinah - I saw Lynne Chapman's post on USk about the Buxton Sketchcrawl - didn't realise you were the Di she referred to - how terrific to meet up and sketch together! Hope it stays warm for your last week (getting cold here now!)

Thank you Sadami, I feel I haven't been getting out much so this was fun - the admiration is entirely mutual!

Sue, it was an unexpectedly great venue - Dinah too cold and you too hot - you could always come here to cool down and do some outside sketching!

Sue Pownall said...

That's tempting Cathy, may take you up on that... but as you head into spring :)

martinealison said...

Je suis fascinée par vos merveilleuses aquarelles... gros bisous à vous.

Liz Steel said...

Hi Cathy, these are great... what a cool place to sketch. LOVE the last one!

RH Carpenter said...

A very different take on landscapes! I like it - it had to be more challenging than just a pretty bunch of trees :) Anyway, you made it so with your sketches.