Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Killarney Style

 A lovely day to go sketching, in the lovely suburb of Killarney on Saturday. Although it's known as 'flatland' because it consists almost entirely of blocks of flats or apartments, many of them are historic Art Deco buildings, the streets are well lined with lush green trees and the rich variety of locals strolling the streets are friendly and welcoming.
I sat at the gate of the park where we sketched the suburb's Spring Day back in 2014 with Whitehall Court across the road and tried to capture the shady elegance of its pillars and balconies. There was a constant coming and going of visitors and residents, all infused with an easy-going, relaxed rhythm. So many stopped to chat, a real vibe of a vibrant and interactive community where everyone seemed to know each other.

The venue was suggested by Fiver Löcker, visiting South Africa again and staying this time in Killarney. She invited us all up to her flat for tea and cake, and of course to sketch the view from her balcony - a huge expanse of sky (watching lightning storms there must be spectacular!) with a broad flat vista of the Northern suburbs. I drew a small section, leaving out the big beautiful sky - I need lessons in cloud painting as well as much better paper - and picked out the ever present cranes, you wouldn't think we were in a recession with the constant building operations going on.
Every now and then I threw down my cityscape for my other sketchbook as people walked past to try and snatch impressions of the colour and movement below. They do all seem to be women, but they are the most interesting, colourful and varied to sketch aren't they!?


Sadami said...

Hi, Cathy, absolutely lovely and beautiful. Enjoy sketching! Btw, finally, my computer is fixed up. I can access internet. Cheers, Sadami

Cathy Gatland said...

Hi Sadami,, thank you so much - I have also been without internet - still no ADSL connection, we're using a 'dongle' to get online. Hope to have fibre cable soon, I can't wait!

Penny said...

Love your women full of colour and movement.

RH Carpenter said...

WOW! Great sketches and love the colorful dresses. When I read Killarney, I thought you'd traveled to Ireland! ha ha

Unknown said...

What fabulous sketches. I especially like the one at the top with the blue lady walking with her heavy bags. - Wish I could capture walking like that!