Thursday, May 1, 2008

Undercover operation

I wouldn't usually infiltrate a bunch of 17 year old boys, but when my son brought two friends home last night for supper and a movie I thought I'd risk it for the sake of Art. They dress themselves in a way calculated to repel and intimidate (it seems), but really they're quite nice, happy to chat to the old fogeys and take their plates to the kitchen and say please and thank you.
I sunk into a corner chair with the crossword as a cover, and sketched them from the corner of my eye. They didn't notice they were being drawn, so busy were they texting messages while watching a rather inane movie (another reason we generally slink off out of eye and earshot).
I added the wash and colour this morning, so they haven't seen themselves yet, but I hope (at least one being a keen art student), they'll appreciate the role they've played towards honing my skills!


Vivienne said...

Congratulations! On very fine drawings(I like the ink-runs -add variety to the line-),and on being allowed into the room. Ali's friends look like nice boys.(Spoken like an ancient aunt!)We had dinner last night with a friend of my husband's nephew, and his girlfriend; an English couple living in Singapore. Felt very honoured to be rung up and treated as friends, not oldies.
Reminded of a cartoon I saw... wife says to husband "Isn't it NICE,dear, now the children are our age!"

Cathy Gatland said...

Oh yes, we're getting to that stage with the older ones and their friends - such a pleasant relief from being pariahs!

vivien said...

lovely lively sketches :>)

laura said...

These are wonderful--the "risk" was worth it--I think you've captured the 17-year-old posture perfectly.