Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blubird of Happiness

Refiloe behind her veggie stall

View from our café table

Honey and pots for sale

Pastel de Nata!
 The Joburg Sketchers went to the Blubird Wholefood Market on Sunday morning - invited by the organiser, it was nice to feel so welcome! Interesting to note the different reactions to our presence in this upmarket shopping centre after the lively feedback we had in the city a few weeks ago... some surreptitious peeks over my shoulder, sideways glances and generally non-committal. One lady came over for a friendly chat before asking, "you are going to vote for the D.A. aren't you?" so I think she had an ulterior motive!
We were joined by four new sketchers - with one originally from Lisbon, and Pasteis de Nata on sale at a bakery stall, it was lovely to reminisce on the Lisbon urban sketching Symposium of three years ago. Registration has opened for the 2014 Symposium in Paraty, Brazil and I'm sad not to be rushing to put my name down - just too far away and too much expense for a few days of sketching indulgence, tempting as it is!

4 comments: said...

All wonderful sketches, Cathy. I like the woman behind her veggie stall and the pastel de nata!

Zanna said...

Hi Cathy, I am a student of Suzanne McDermott. She suggested I check out your website because I love to use watercolor and ink. She encouraged our class to each develop our own blogs. Blogging takes some getting used to and yours is a great example. Thank you for the inspiration! Your work is fascinating and inspiring.

Marie Theron said...

Hi Cathy, This post made me wonder how those little tarts taste? Your sketch makes them look very good!

Thank you for the time you took to give me such informative comments on my "rabbit" venture, such encouragement as yours make me feel that I can test ideas and throw them out there!

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)