Tuesday, December 26, 2017

And a Grey Lourie in a Plum Tree

A day late for this Johannesburg version of a Christmas tree, but hoping all who visit here had a very happy day, if you celebrated - and peace and goodwill to all!

Not a pear tree with a partridge, but the greengage tree outside my studio, which was vibrating a couple of weeks ago with all kinds of birds gorging and feasting on the not-quite-ripe-yet fruit. We still have pots of jam from last year's crop so I let them get on with it and spent a happy couple of hours watching and sketching them... The thrush thinking he's lord of the manor and trying to chase everyone else off, the barbets bright and fierce looking but quite wary of the other birds and of eyes peeping at them through the window; the little grey mousebirds with raggedy tails and punk hairdos come in cheeky flocks; my favourite bulbuls (they make such sweet, clear calls to each other, "what's for tea Gregory?") and the grey louries  - or Go-away bird - one semi-tame who comes and squawks at me outside the kitchen if there's nothing to eat and to bring out some paw-paw please.

I never used to be much into birds, it was what my mom, aunts and gran did. At last I'm mature enough to appreciate the small, precious things, some positives to these years passing ever faster by!


Sadami said...

Lovely post, Cathy, a wonderful festive season to you, too! I love watching and drawing birds, too. Your birds seem to different from Australian ones. Anyway, enjoy drawing! Best wishes, Sadami

Cathy Gatland said...

Thank you Sadami - when I visited Australia I couldn't believe how different the birds are, and the sounds of them! Best wishes to you too

Candy said...

Lovely Christmas tree and lovely post! I have mockingbirds and hummingbirds in my backyard. The hummingbirds, as tiny as they are, often scold me when I go out to change the nectar in their feeder. I guess they think I'm drinking rather than replenishing:)

Cathy Gatland said...

Hi Candy, thank you - I'd love to see those birds - I think our Cape area has something similar to a hummingbird, but bigger, I'd love to hear the famous mockingbird. Enjoy them in your garden!

RH Carpenter said...

Happy New Year and hoping 2018 brings you many good things. Love birds now and I didn't pay any attention to them when I was younger - perhaps we do have to stop, slow down, look more closely to enjoy their gifts to us every day. I am always happily surprised to see ours coming to the feeders and their different personalities and coloring.

Cathy said...

Lovely tree!!
I didn't use to be much into birds either... until I came to live in South Africa!!! There are so many birds there it is impossible not to be impressed by their variety, their colours or their shapes!!!
Hope you are having a lovely summer, tae care!
(oh, and happy new Year!)